“The 4 Dangerous Signs of Passivity in the Face of Trump Tyranny”. A Link and a Comment.

December 17, 2016


‘The 4 Dangerous Signs of Passivity in the Face of Trump Tyranny’

That Here Up Is The Link.


di R. Reich.





Now The Comment.


Well I think the worst of all the “syndromes” may be that called in this blog “Cynical Syndrome” even if I cannot but note and denote that the last one – i.e. “” – is largely spread all over the world.

So let us try to build up a “semblant” of a response, a shadow of a possibility, an even too weak chink of light breaking over there, in the distance.

The problem Is Not Mistah D. J. Trump in himself: The problem **is** that the actual President Elect of Ye United States o’ America comes as the last sign on an enduring long, very long, too long path: That of modernity. So you **cannot** wipe out this datum. In such a course, in such an itinerary this last “cherry on top” can make real disasters. And it will.

So the real problem is – and remains, still remains, after so many a decades, after such an enormous never-ending a decadence, and after so many an after-effects lasted for more than a hundred a year -: How (**How**) Can We Get Put of The Ending Path of Modernity??

All **Is** and **Lies** Here, Here-and-Now, “hic et nunc” ….

This “government of the 1%” – Trump’s I mean – wants to preserve, defend, eventually expand constructed and well organized interests. In one word: They do defend.

But the problem is and remains: Let us look for a New Path!! Which **cannot** be constructed merely “sumin’ up” Ol’ Paths.

And that is That.

And that is All …







A Humble Proposal …

August 9, 2016

Returning to an aborted “Manifesto” (cfr. A “Manifesto” of some sort), perhaps it is come the Time to tell something more and to be a bit more precise.


To sum up:

The inspiration is what Benedict of Norcia, later St. Benedict, **did** not merely what he thought, in order to **concretely respond** to the challenge of Times of **deep** Crisis, a Crisis with no way out **in the terms of the past** as we are all in here-and-now, hic et nunc.


  1. The “benedictanian” style of life, to explore and eventually construct places of refuge, shelters, not having in sight a certain specific so-called “catastrophe” but the mere fact of the end of a passed way of life.
  2. What binds must be the **way of life**, out of the great masses and looking for a partial (at least) independence from the mortal mechanisms of capitalisti way of life in its endings.
  3. So not owhat one believs must be what binds, but the way one/s want/s to live.
  4. Therefore it is opened to everyone has a serious interest no matter what religion he may belong to (or to no religion) but he (or she or they) **must** share this way of life, a sort of “medieval (relatively) isolated” way of life and the respect of the last point, point number 5 which follows as such:
  5. Anyone who has decided to conserve and preserve proofs of spirititualy, in forms of books for the future generations.


“Le rune e la scienza sacra” (reloaded), online link

February 8, 2015

“Le rune e la scienza sacra”, http://www.scribd.com/doc/243569809/Le-rune-e-La-Scienza-sacra-Reload



An Italian “pamphlet”

January 15, 2015

“Tre Sfumature di Blu – Trafalgar Square”:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/171819787/Tre-Sfumature-di-Blu-Trafalgar-Square



Not The End of “The” World But Ye End of “A” World

April 16, 2014

Not The End of “The” World But Ye End of “A” World: This is the Change in Perrspective I have Arrived At.

So no more Manifesto’s


Comet Lovejoy on The Great Wall

February 20, 2014

From the website “Astronomy Picture of the Day” (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html), of 20 February of this year, This pic of the fading comet Lovejoy disappearing over the Great Wall: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/1402/LovejoyJiajieZhang.jpg

A “Manifesto” of some sort

February 25, 2013

The “Manifesto” of the “Benedictanian (But **Not Benedictine**) Movement” Under construction (No more construction…)

P.S. Due to lack of people really interested in those top-X, I gave up and Left Behind that Idea of Ye Old…

“Discovered a new (hidden) section in The Great Wall”

March 5, 2012

A veiew of The Great Wall...

“Chinese Great Wall in The Last Century Seventies”

November 26, 2011

The Great Wall in the End of the Seventies

“Some Historical ‘Keys’”

March 1, 2011

In response to a comment – that asked for some “Historical Keys” – I am writing this… The first “barrier in History”, that we can found – **going into the past** – is the VI Century Great Change, the so-called “Axial Age” (cfr.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_religions#Axial_age).

From that Age into the past all is more difficlt to be order in succession and Chronology **increasingy** becomes imprecise.

And **not for chance**, on the contrary due to the fact that we go beyond – past directioned…!! – that “historical barrier”

We enter in what someone called: “The Heroes’ Age” — Heroical Age, in other words…

But let us speak about the barriers into present and future.

Another big barrier has been that of the “Autumn of Middle Ages” (following Huizinga’s well-known expression) –

But we still are dealing with the past…

Near past we have the season of World Wars, from 1914 to 1945. But now let us speak of the future…

Following the “Prophecy of the Lord of The World” it derives that 2011 is the Year of the End of the Old World Order.

That is the Order that governed the Earth from the End of the Second World War…

From that moment on, we have to envisage the construction of the “Reign of The Antichrist”, the New World Order that follows and increasingly will follow the past Order…

Beyond the Reign of The Antichrist there is a completely different Order and the End of this Cycle as a whole…

That is: The New Cycle Beginnings…